Thursday, February 14, 2008

Busy bee!

Well, I guess you can say I've settled back into the swing of things. A lot has been going on, though nothing particularly momentous. Tommy and his brother are running an Open Mic at the Bernard Shaw pub on Tuesday nights, so I've been to that a few times, and there's another open mic on campus on Wednesdays. It's all making me think that maybe I should get something together to play...especially since the on-campus one gives you a free pint for performing. We'll see.

Gosh, what's been happening all this month?! Well, on the 5th it was Pancake Tuesday, so I used a kilo of flour in making American pancakes (assisted by Zoë and Mel) with various fillings. I think I ate about a dozen pancakes in a few hours. Good thing I started at the gym the next day: that's right, I'm now a member of Crunch Fitness. I've actually been going regularly, too, so hopefully progress is being made there. On the 7th, Kíla performed at the student bar and were AWESOME. The middle of the crowd was just a bunch of sweaty shirtless guys throwing themselves at each other. It was great. Also great was the showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Sugar Club the next night. There was much dressing up and gender ambiguity, as one would expect from such a show. I hope they have another one before I leave, because only Mel was able to make it to this one, and I think having a big crowd with me would make it that much better.

This past Saturday I got to see Tommy & Lynchy's new place. They've moved into the house where Tommy's older brother is, which is excellent because it's only a 20 minute walk from my house. A bunch of people were over, and we played video games for 7 hours on the Wii (including a load of classic Mario for NES that Tommy had downloaded onto the Wii...I love how technology loops). And Monday, Tommy, Lynchy, and I went to Siobhan's house in Malahide, which is a pretty little harbor-side suburb north of Dublin, and watched Independence Day. It was the first time I'd actually watched it all the way through, and all I can say is what a ridiculous movie. We also had some excellent pasta bolognese that Siobhan made us.

Life overall is going quite well. The new roommates are quite nice, if somewhat unexciting (at least around me). I've been cooking a lot of tasty things; I made the BEST MEAL EVER yesterday: mashed celeraic, or celery root, with lentilles de Puy. Trust me: it was amazing. And now, in celebration of Valentine's Day, I'm going to go have some tasty chocolate, and maybe watch a slasher flick or something...or go to Tommy's gig! Maybe you'll find out, if I ever manage to update this thing again.

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Ali said...

Hi Kate, I'm really glad you liked the recipe! I never thought about accompanying celeriac with Puy lentils but that's a very good idea actually...I might try soon as I have some green Puy lentils sitting in my pantry and celeriac season is almost over...