Monday, January 21, 2008

Winter Break

So my dad picked me up from Newark, and we drove to Philly and picked my mom up from the hospital, and my dad got both his girls back in the house on the same day. Hurrah! The holidays were subsequently pretty low-key, though I made Christmas dinner, which was awesome. I went to the Onas reunion briefly, to a Rufus Wainwright concert in Atlantic City with Emma, and to the CTY New Year's Reunion, all of which were awesome. I hung out with some cool people, saw some cool movies*, made some cool food (e.g. bagels!), read some cool books, and generally had a cool, relaxing time. Honestly, I wasn't really pumped about coming back to Dublin.

But back I am, since Saturday, and still a bit jet-lagged. My stuff is back in place, I have food once more, three new roommates are here...and I've barely left the house. I had a lousy night of warped circadian rhythms last night that led to me missing the first day of classes, but c'est la vie. I've already made sure my alarm is properly set and turned on for tomorrow, so it won't happen again. Tonight there's some birthday happening, to which I will bring Tastykake cupcakes for the birthday boy(s?), though sadly without candles. Hopefully I've solved my phone problems (it has a habit of not working for a period, or restarting, or just cutting me off) so people will be able to contact me with more opportunities to leave the house. So YEAH. Stuff. Time for dinner.

*No matter what anyone tries to say, I Am Legend is a ZOMBIE MOVIE. ZOM. BIE. Goddamn.


Anonymous said...

how come you decided to go to Ireland? i'm sorry I didn't read through every entry yet but it's really interesting. haha :)

Kate said...

Well, I study archaeology, and I'm primarily interested in places like Ireland, England, and Denmark = anywhere where there are bogs. Also, I'd been here when I was 14 and really enjoyed myself and wanted to come back.

Anonymous said...

ah alright :) woah archaeology? Pretty wicked. I've been to England last year, gonna be in Ireland and Scotland this year. I so love the place. You're living in a flat share or something?

Kate said...

Yeah, I'm sharing a campus apartment with three other girls.

Hamtaro said...

It's 5am and I couldnt sleep, I was randomly browsing boards and came across a link to here on your profile. End result is an hour reading all 32 blog entries and enjoying living the fabled dublin university students social life vicariously through an american exchange student.

How odd!

Nice blog though :D