Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Girl Is Back In Town

Well, I've been back in Dublin for a week, but it almost feels like I never left. I have yet to decide whether this is a good or a bad thing. I'll go with "mostly okay" for now.

I've seen a bunch of people over the week. Paul's birthday on Monday was cool; his other party (his? I'm not sure whose) on Thursday was a bit weaker, eventually devolving into a sort of alcohol-fueled mating dance. Wednesday, I saw Lust, Caution with Aisling, Mel, and Conor, which was beautifully shot, well done, very explicit, and quite the downer. Yesterday I hung out for a while in the Forum bar but opted not to go into town afterwards.

I went rock climbing on Tuesday and Thursday, which felt awesome. I've also been cycling as much as possible, though with the wind as powerful as it is I don't go as much as I'd like for fear of being blown into traffic. Today I cycled to the Temple Bar Food Market again, which was, as ever, excellent. (By the way, I found the website for the stand where I buy my produce: Denis Healy's Organic Delights.) I picked up, among other things, some parsnips, leeks, and beets, which I'm excited to experiment with; I picked them up as part of my gradual quest to switch to eating seasonal foods. I also grabbed some shallots, as they are apparently the best ever.

Classes are going pretty well. I'm still trying to iron out a final schedule, but that should be done by mid-week at the latest. I'm still disappointed that "The Study of Human and Animal Bone" was full; without it, and having dropped the absolutely abysmally boring "Bronze Age Societies" (seriously, worst lecturer I've ever seen), it looks like I won't be taking any third-year courses. Oh well. I'll be attending my first "Woodland Archaeology" class on Monday, so hopefully that will go well. There's also "Interpreting Archaeology", the professor of which looks awesome, and "Early Medieval Archaeology", which has a tad more class participation that I like but at least is an interesting topic. For folklore I've got "The Narrative Art" with a very strongly accented teacher and "Calendar Custom" with the same woman I had teaching my folklore class last semester. And for my elective, "Myth in Greek Art & Architecture", which seems at least for now to be as awesome as it sounds. So all that's left is to officially switch around a couple classes and figure out how the hell I register for tutorials.

I'm sure there's more to say, but I can't think of it right now because I am hungry (as I alway seem to be at the end of my blog posts). Right, off to go steam some beet greens.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Winter Break

So my dad picked me up from Newark, and we drove to Philly and picked my mom up from the hospital, and my dad got both his girls back in the house on the same day. Hurrah! The holidays were subsequently pretty low-key, though I made Christmas dinner, which was awesome. I went to the Onas reunion briefly, to a Rufus Wainwright concert in Atlantic City with Emma, and to the CTY New Year's Reunion, all of which were awesome. I hung out with some cool people, saw some cool movies*, made some cool food (e.g. bagels!), read some cool books, and generally had a cool, relaxing time. Honestly, I wasn't really pumped about coming back to Dublin.

But back I am, since Saturday, and still a bit jet-lagged. My stuff is back in place, I have food once more, three new roommates are here...and I've barely left the house. I had a lousy night of warped circadian rhythms last night that led to me missing the first day of classes, but c'est la vie. I've already made sure my alarm is properly set and turned on for tomorrow, so it won't happen again. Tonight there's some birthday happening, to which I will bring Tastykake cupcakes for the birthday boy(s?), though sadly without candles. Hopefully I've solved my phone problems (it has a habit of not working for a period, or restarting, or just cutting me off) so people will be able to contact me with more opportunities to leave the house. So YEAH. Stuff. Time for dinner.

*No matter what anyone tries to say, I Am Legend is a ZOMBIE MOVIE. ZOM. BIE. Goddamn.