Sunday, December 16, 2007

Memory Lapse, Part Three: Back to the Present

I cannot bring myself to study anymore right now, and it's probably too late to be baking anything (which is what I've been doing as a study break), so I'll try and bring this thing up to date at last.

Let's see, the day after getting back from Amsterdam I went to a party with the elusive Luke, the fifth and rarely-heard-from member of interstudy's UCD contingent. It was an apartment party in town, and the guests were mainly Spanish, with some other European elements. At one point, three Irish guys came in, one of whom is in a few of my archaeology classes and who I have a passing acquaintance with (though we didn't actually learn each other's names until the party). The night was fun; nothing particularly noteworthy happened until Luke and I left sometime after 3 a.m. We went to a nearby chipper where I had some absolutely delicious fries and Luke bought a burger with the last of his money...which meant we walked home. It was a grand adventure, after which I was extremely glad to get to bed.

That was my last hurrah for a while; my first final was Monday morning at 9 a.m., at the Blackrock campus, which meant I had to get up so early that I was waiting for the bus while watching the sun rise. (For the sake of perspective, that was only around 8 a.m., because the Irish winter is truly a dark and dismal one.) I'm definitely biking there next time, because the bus takes a fairly circuitous route that still necessitates a ten-minute walk. The final was for Art and Ritual in Prehistory, and I think I did reasonably well. On Tuesday I saw The Darjeeling Limited with Dan (from JazzSoc & climbing). It's a Wes Anderson film, so of course I loved it, and we saw it in Dun Laoghaire, a town just south of here that I'd not been to, so that was nice. And I had a nice conversation with a girl named Yuna on the bus ride home.

I spent the rest of the week studying for my final on Friday evening at 6, in the Archaeology of Religion, which I also think I did pretty well on. Afterwards, I hit the town with Tommy, Lynchy, Ross, and Mark (with a brief cameo by Aisling), and we went on a pub crawl in which we took turns choosing four random directions (e.g. left, right, second left, left again) and going to the nearest pub to where we ended up. Lynchy & Mark split early, but it was a nice evening anyway, and I got to see Ross's new Don Johnson haircut.

More studying, and that brings me up to today, right now, typing away at my computer while surrounded by the explosion of studying materials and assorted junk that is my desk. Hmm, maybe I can still fit in a bit of baking; I could use a snack...

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