Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving in Dublin

I feel I should probably mention the celebration, as it is part of the whole "abroad" experience to miss American holidays. But the program that coordinates Americans studying at UCD, the JYA office, put on a Thanksgiving dinner for us on Thursday, probably so we wouldn't get all homesick. To use pretty much the same thing as I wrote to my dad: it was deeeeelicious. I ate everything they put in front of me (and felt just a bit ill afterwards). There was salad and bread and mixed veggies in addition to potatoes and turkey, stuffing, and ham in a stack, followed by apple pie with custard and little sweet mince pies. And, of course, wine to go with it all - the coordinator for the Americans at UCD, Frieda Savage, got pretty drunk, which was hilarious.

I ended up making friends, too, with a few people I recognized from Mountaineering, and hung out at their apartment in Belgrove (another dorm complex on campus) afterwards for a little while. When I got back to my own apartment, it was full of extreeeeeemely drunken Irishmen (and a couple fairly drunk Americans, as well)...a pretty surreal evening ensued, in which a kid from downstairs came in with a construction paper Pilgrim hat and pasta necklace and was looking for who stole his pie, I had to tell a different kid my name no fewer than eight times (and he probably still doesn't know it), and another kid with a broken back tried to fall sleep in my bed. All in all, I think I hung out with more Americans than I have since the very beginning here, and it was actually a pretty nice time.

In other news, the Peter Marks graduation thing was during the day on Thursday. I had my makeup done (with some garish orange foundation), my hair loaded with product to prevent any movement, and had to walk up and down a catwalk in front of the friends and family of the twenty-three graduates from the Peter Marks Academy (and probably of some of the eighty-two other models, as well). It was pretty neat, and I'm on a DVD now, though not one for popular sale — thank goodness. And it was very nice to be all done up for dinner without having to do anything myself, though I did spend several minutes wiping off all the foundation.

Apart from that, life has been pretty relaxed. I handed in a paper Friday and have another one I'm working on for next Wednesday (the last of the semester, huzzah!). I was at Captain America's on Wednesday night, which is basically T.G.I. Friday's with a comic-book theme. Last night I went out to the Ginger Man and Doyle's with a bunch of people and had a really nice time; I spent much of the night hanging out with a really cool guy, Josh, who's at UCD and a friend of Ross. It was a really fun night, which means that tonight is going to be full of schoolwork as penance. I guess the Irish Catholic guilt of the country is getting to me?


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