Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Temple Bar Food Market

I forgot in my last entry to talk about the wonderful thing that is the Temple Bar Food Market. I cycled there Saturday morning to do some shopping for some fresh veggies, and boy was it worth it! It's a perennial farmers' market that pops up every Saturday from 9-5 in this little cobblestone square in the midst of Temple Bar, and it is great. There are a bunch of organic farmers, cheesemongers, fishmongers, butchers, bakers, a crepe stand, a Japanese stand, a Mexican stand, a smoothie stand, and a bunch of other most excellent vendors. There's also generally a couple of decent musicians busking. I got a bunch of delicious, fresh, organic vegetables, and a bean and tomato empanada. It is generally an awesome institution that I plan on returning to regularly. Take that, Tesco.

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