Monday, November 5, 2007


Well, some stuff has happened, so I thought maybe I should post about it. Halloween was Wednesday. JazzSoc teamed up with some of the other small societies to throw a little party, and a good time was had by all. I went as a koala:

Let's see...I suppose the next interesting thing happened on Saturday, when I went on a trip with the Archaeology Society to the Wicklow Gaol. We had dinner in the basement, in which people broke out the refreshments they'd purchased beforehand at the off-license, followed by a tour of the jail. The tour was pretty good; they had actors pretending to be a couple prisoners, and, given the social lubricant working on a few society members, some reactions were rather hilarious. The bus ride back to Dublin was also pretty good; we were pretty much the only people on the coach, so there was a nice relaxed atmosphere. When we were back in town we all stopped in at Doyle's for a pint, after which I made it to Joe's apartment for his 21st birthday celebrations.

Technically, though, Joe's birthday was yesterday, so of course we had to go out then, too. A lot of us went to the very swanky Shelbourne Hotel on St. Stephen's Green for drinks. Now, I feel underdressed just walking past this hotel, so actually going inside was a bit intimidating, especially since I didn't know that we were going there and was dressed a bit, um, artistically. There was also table service, which I've not encountered in a while. Having just re-watched The Big Lebowski, I ordered a white Russian, and oh my god, it was like vanilla ice cream. I usually shy away from ordering cocktails because I'm generally at a pub, which isn't necessarily a conducive atmosphere to well-mixed drinks, so it was a lovely change. Three of the guys ordered scotches, because how could you not, really? At any rate, we moved on to Doyle's afterwards where I, at least, felt much more comfortable. The night ended with a nice, long walk home with Lynchy and Tommy. In retrospect, I should've just hailed a cab.

So, in general, things are going pretty smoothly here. There's only a month of classes left and I've got three essays due before it's over, but they're very straightforward, so no worries there. The exam schedule was posted last week, and I've got finals right up to the bitter end, but hey, whatever. I've been battling a bit of the sniffles for about a week as the weather turns colder. I need to start looking for a good winter coat. Et cetera.

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