Friday, November 16, 2007

News from a Mute

Well! Since I have laryngitis and therefore can't have ANY FUN, I guess it's time to update the ol' blogeroony. I've just been trucking along as per usual, enjoying myself and the company of friends. General hanging-out-ness has been accomplished. I spent last weekend pretty much entirely at Zoë and Joe's, as did Tommy, Lynchy, and Mel. We watched 5 movies in a 24-hour space (Pretty In Pink, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, V For Vendetta, Ghostbusters, and Fargo, if you're interested).

Tuesday evening was the Sci-Fi Society's burlesque. While there were lots of people in costume, I find it unreasonable for them to call it a burlesque, as the performers were just two bands. And although Tarrintino was quite good, I was looking forward to something a little...racier. Ah well. I also accidentally chatted up an Irish Ron Paul supporter. I don't even understand the mechanics of that, apart from the fact that my luck is apparently pretty shit. Seriously, the guy was like "if he comes in fourth in the primary, would you give him more of a chance?" And I replied, of course, "Look, there's just no way Ron Paul will ever get elected. None. It's not happening. Ever. There's no chance. Period. That's it. I'm sorry. He's hopeless." Also, I think the guy failed to understand that if he comes in fourth, that means he's lost. Duh. Man, nearly every Irish person thinks they've got something to say about American politics, but a bunch of them just have no freakin' clue. Whatever, the rest of the night was cool. My friend Dave played bass and the rock-enspiel for the second band, Earl Grey, so I was kind of "in with the band". That was cool.

So Wednesday was the second JazzSoc Carnivale, an event that essentially amounts to a bunch of kids drinking outside with guitars and drums and things until Services moves us on — "knacker drinking", as it is referred to here. When we did eventually get moved on we went to someone's suite in Belgrove, shortly after which I left so that I could go to bed early enough to get up at 7:45 the next morning.

After a lousy and interrupted night's sleep, I did manage to get up and make it downtown to meet with Gillian, the hairdresser at the Peter Marks Academy who is using my hair for her graduation project. Now my hair is different colors! But mostly the same shape. Here is a picture:

So all through the events of this past week (starting Tuesday), my voice was getting hoarser and hoarser, until yesterday it disappeared altogether. Subbing in for it occasionally is a hacking cough that varies in its productivity, depending on time of day and application of steam through leaving the electric kettle boiling in my room with the lid open. It's been pretty disruptive in class, so I'm glad to have the weekend in which to recover. Unfortunately, Steve B. from high school is in town this weekend(!), so I feel pretty bad for not being able to be very social. But I'm not going to worry too much over it as I'm doing all I can to heal quickly. I've even installed Verbalize on my computer, so I can type in what I want to say and it'll say it for me. Tommy, Lynchy, and Ross were having fun with it today when they dropped by to make fun of me and bring me a large bottle of 7-Up (a beverage that seems to be widely considered by the Irish to be a cure-all for colds).

At any rate, it's something soupy tonight for dinner, so I'm going to go get started on that. And then...I don't know, schoolwork? What else can one do when one has no voice? What a hassle.

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