Sunday, October 21, 2007

Which way to the gun show?

*flexes arms* That a-way!

That is going to be me pretty soon if I keep up what I've been doing lately. That includes the Beginners' Bouldering Competition on Thursday, from which my arms are still slightly sore. I came close to winning something, but mostly only because there was a separate women's division and there weren't that many women there. But I'm definitely interested in keeping that up since no top rope means no needing to find someone to belay you, and it was damn good exercise.

I've also been taking good advantage of my new [to me] bike. Friday I made a trip to the Stillorgan Shopping Centre. What I'd failed to take into account was that the trip is, unfortunately, almost entirely uphill from UCD. At least it's not uphill on the way back, though, with groceries on my back. I also biked into town today; it's only a 20 minute trip, which is shorter than it takes on the bus sometimes. (And don't worry, mom and dad, I've been wearing my helmet.) The trip from the entrance to the school to Merville is also very uphill, meaning I get a nice little burst of difficulty at the end of every trip. Hey, whatever, I need the cardio.

In other news, I went to Loughcrew, in Co. Meath, yesterday with my Art and Ritual in Prehistoric Europe class. We passed through Kells on the way there for a rest stop, and I think I walked through most of it in half an hour. There's not that much, really; check it out on Google maps. No wonder those monks made such a beautiful book there; there was shit-all else to do. Though there were quite a few beauty salons and barbers for such a small town (and of course, at least one pub every block).

Loughcrew itself is actually a bunch of hills, atop which prehistoric people built a bunch of passage tombs and carved some neat stuff on the rocks inside them. It was in some gorgeous countryside, and since they were the only significant hills in the area they had a great view. The only downside to that was the wind, which was wickedly cutting at that height. I was certainly jealously eying some of the sheep's wool; maybe that's why they ran away every time I came near them. But it was a pleasant day, and I actually got to meet some of the people in my class, so it was definitely well worth it.

This week is reading week for the Archaeology Department, which means I only have my Study of Irish Folklore class. The rest of the time I'm meant to be working on reading and preparing for my papers, which I of course will be doing during the day. And on Friday afternoon I leave for Cork with other members of the Jazz Society to attend the Cork Jazz Festival. It looks like it should be a pretty rockin' time; the Blind Boys of Alabama are going to be there! And for now, I'm cooking up some Zucchini Pasta — thanks New York Times!

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