Monday, October 1, 2007

Sick sick sick ick.

The first time I'd left the house since returning from class Friday afternoon was to go buy ice cream last night. After that, it was to go to the student health clinic today. This is because I've had a very sore throat, really swollen and tender glands, probably a mild fever, and various other unpleasant sick-related conditions. The doctor today said that it's tonsillitis (though I still think it could just as well be strep throat) and I now have lovely antibiotics, medicated lozenges, and a bunch of oranges. Hopefully I will be functional again soon. Maybe I'll even make it to my one class tomorrow!

On the bright side, I got to watch a lot of Firefly online. I would've finished, too, if the second half of each of the last two episodes hadn't crapped out on me. Also, I've almost finished knitting the second sock. And I got to sleep a lot guilt-free. So it's not a complete loss.

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Feel better soon, will ye?