Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Kraft Gods, Why Have You Forsaken Me?

There is no boxed mac & cheese in this country. What the hell sort of country doesn't have boxes of mac & cheese? It's a national disgrace! Mom, put it on the list of imports to Ireland for our future import/export business. Honestly, what an abomination.

See, the beauty of mac and cheese is that it's squishy, cheap, and filling. At this stage of my throat issues, I've begun judging foods by how squishy they are. Toast with butter I choked down before class this morning? Not that squishy, so not that good. (I knew that in advance, too, but I was running late.) But the chips (oh right, "french fries") with ketchup that I had for lunch were pretty squishy. Mac and cheese is very squishy, so I decided that it would make a perfect dinner, especially accompanied with applesauce. (Melted cheddar + applesauce. Try it.) But, there is no mac and cheese in Ireland! Unless you make it yourself!

That is not what I did. I do not have the initiative to make it myself. Also, I don't like baked mac & cheese because it's crispy on top (to review: crispy is not squishy and therefore undesirable). So what I did instead was to go to Centra, buy a packet labeled "Cheddar Cheese Sauce Mix", follow the directions on the back, and then pour it over some cooked seashell pasta. (While I was there, I also noticed a packet labeled "Smash", which I bought for tomorrow — instant mashed potatoes are very squishy.) This worked out adequately. It was definitely squishy, though the flavor was definitely not Kraft-worthy. Unfortunately, I made way more sauce than pasta. That's okay, though, because then I made more pasta, put the sauce on it, and refrigerated the whole mess. I'll see if it looks edible tomorrow. And the applesauce went well, too.

In unrelated but equally if not more interesting news: Radiohead has gone extra-crazy in an AWESOME WAY. I plan to pay £2.50 (but kind of which I had a decent excuse to myself to buy the discbox).

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