Saturday, September 15, 2007

Week One

This week has gone overall splendidly. I'm definitely well and truly in with the crazy group of Irish, though one of them has just seen that I have this blog so I'm going to feel all awkward now every time I update. Curse you, Joe! Anyway, things have been quite fun and fairly busy. I've had almost all my classes; I dropped the one about agriculture in Europe in favor of the Minoan Bronze Age in Crete. It's the same professor as my Archaeology of Religion, Prof. Alan Peatfield, who's English and has crazy white hair and is awesome, so I'm pretty excited. So with that change in place, it's looking like all my classes are going to be pretty interesting.

The academic learning environment here is so different from the States. They just finished transitioning to a more American style of course classification and registration (and by "finished", I mean "are still adjusting to"), and the attitude towards teaching seems to be much closer to the descriptions my dad gave me of his days in college; two of my courses' grades are based solely on the final examination, and my other four courses only have an additional essay or two due mid-semester. Also, I am taking six courses for a full load, but still have about 4 fewer class hours than I did with my four courses last semester in Boston.

Yesterday was Ross's birthday party. His birthday is technically Monday, but he has to celebrate with his family then so the heavy drinking took place yesterday. He started at the Centre Club on campus 1:00 p.m and went until he got kicked out of Doyles around 1:00 a.m. I did not do nearly so much drinking, of course, partly out of frugality but largely out of a desire not to destroy my innards (and possibly outtards, if I did something stupid drunk). Nonetheless, it was loads of fun and I got some people's numbers and commitments to taking me out for my birthday. I just wish I'd gotten home sooner, but I couldn't leave when I wanted to without going home alone, so I elected to stay out longer until I could persuade Thomas to leave with me (since he's the one living below me).

Ross, Tommy (not Thomas), and Joe (the CTYI kid - world domination, here we come!) came to visit this afternoon and have been hanging around here for the past five hours. Actually, Ross left fairly early on, and Mark's coming now, so I think my apartment may have become the new hang-out on campus. I'm pretty sure I'm one of the only ones living on campus, so it's nice and convenient for them, and entertaining for me. The only problem is I can't exactly kick Maggie out of her own flat, so she's kind of insinuating herself in with everyone else. Luckily, the rest of the Irish folk know I don't like her, so they're I think being considerate of that. Whatever. I can handle it.

At any rate, I made a sweet potato for lunch, but I kind of mucked it up so it didn't taste that good, so I'm going to go grab something to get a different taste in my mouth. Probably ice cream. Yeah....

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