Sunday, September 16, 2007

Pausing for Breath

I've decided I like magpies after all. They look really funny when they run, and they have a nice poem about them:

One for sorrow, two for joy,
Three to get married, four to die,
Five for silver, six for gold,
Seven for a secret never to be told.

It's pleasantly creepy. I also like the crows around here. Larger birds are more interesting than smaller ones; they're less likely to fly away when you approach them. I saw a fair few today on my way back from grocery shopping. It was the first rainy day here so far, but that only made things more beautiful. The sky was astonishing, and the green color of the grass was only highlighted by the quality of the light. It was gorgeous. I have to go walking around here more.

I went to a different Tesco today than I'd gone to before, and it is SO MUCH BETTER. First off, there's a bus that goes there, so you don't have to walk back laden with your goods. Secondly, it's in a huge shopping center, so the Tesco takes up 3x the space and sells so much different stuff! Our kitchen is now much better stocked in terms of cookware, and I have a nice pair of speakers that were only €12.99. There's also a health store that sells tofu and other veggie-friendly stuff that you can't really get at Tesco. It also sells Vegemite, much to Mandy's delight (I will never understand how she can enjoy that stuff).

So I got home from shopping and decided to make carrot walnut muffins, which would've turned out better had I had a proper grater/peeler type thing (I used a knife) and had I left them in for slightly less time. Then I made a meatless meatloaf which turned out soooo well (thanks, mom!) and a salad. My flatmates now love me. I think I might make a nice dinner every Sunday. It's too much work to do every day, but I enjoyed doing it and it's certainly nice to eat a proper meal. I also managed to cut one finger pretty badly and burn another, so I don't think my body could take the abuse if I did it more.

Speaking of abuse, I inadvertently crashed a birthday party last night. The gang invited me to a party, "Jimstock", that was supposed to be a big music-y thing. I was expecting some sort of house party with bands in the basement or something. Instead, it was a somewhat shwanky affair in D4 (the richest part of Dublin and possibly the country) that Jim's parents were throwing him. Apparently, in Irish tradition, 21 is the year that the eldest son is given the keys to the family house or some such, so it's a bit of a big deal. I felt somewhat under-dressed -- thank goodness I at least had a vest on. The other girls were under-dressed in a different sense, in as much as they were generally wearing shirts with a belt around the middle. D4 girls don't seem to like pants, and who can blame them, really, except that it was rather cold and I saw a few of their butts. But I had a really good time with the people that I knew there. I can't say the same for Maggie, however, and therefore by extension Mandy, who ended up walking home with Maggie at about 12:30 after Maggie threw up in a bush. Way to go. She tries so hard to be cool that it is at times physically painful to watch, but I still would't wish vomiting on her. And I wouldn't wish a sick, drunk Maggie on Mandy. But so it goes.

Tonight I'm having an early night of it, because I haven't had one in a while and it's best to start the new week fresh. With a good dinner in me and a long night's sleep, I should be ready to face the week, and most importantly MY BIRTHDAY! And at some point, I'll post pictures of the apartment and whatnot, honest I will.

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