Thursday, September 6, 2007

On Being Oriented, etc.

The rest of the house is full now, and they're all American students. I've gotten so frustrated that I've used up all my frustrated and am now at piece with it. Plus, they had a kind of party on the first floor last night that got me a little more relaxed (do not interpret "relaxed" as "drunk" - I'm looking at you, Dad - especially since I don't even think there was any left when I got there). Anyway, yeah, they're all from the same program, Butler, and have been together for the past 5 days before coming here to move in. Whatever.

Today was the beginning of UCD orientation, at least for me, and I got lots of nifty things like my student ID card, student handbooks, free juice, and the knowledge that registering for classes is going to be insanely and unnecessarily difficult. I have a list of classes I want to take; whether or not I'll actually get to take them? Well, we'll see. Also, I'm registered with the U.S. Embassy here until December, so that's good.

I also hit up some of those charity shops I mentioned earlier this afternoon. North of the Liffey is definitely the place to go for cheap and quirky shopping (which makes sense, since that's the more working-class part of Dublin). There were four charity shops (possibly more that I didn't see) in two blocks on Capel St., just above the river. Between them I got a duvet cover, another pillow case, two sheets to cover the couches with (they are unpleasantly stained), flatwear, 2 plates, 2 bowls, 3 teacups & saucers, and a small ceramic kitten with a chipped ear for Luke, who is mad at me for leaving him behind after I told him I'd go with him (I was worried about them closing and me not having anything to eat with/off of for yet another day). We also picked up some hand towels and bath mats at a bargain department store. All in all, I'd say it was quite productive. There's still some things I'd like to pick up somewhere (like something for my stark and barren walls), but I at least feel pleasantly established here.

Now I'm off to the student bar for a céilí ("traditional Irish music and dance") and then...Adventures!

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