Sunday, September 23, 2007

A Long Week

Man, my birthday seems like forever ago. Being 20 so far feels exactly like being 19, except no one can make teenager jokes anymore (I'm looking at you, Jon). I did actually clean my room after my last entry, a process helped significantly by the arrival of my birthday present from Jon. Ollipeist the dragon came in a decently large box, allowing me to store my socks and underwear in that on a shelf and empty my second suitcase and stow it under my bed, FINALLY.

On Thursday, I hung out with a bunch of folks at Joe and Zoë's apartment. There are, finally, some pictures, and I'm working on figuring out this whole Flickr-Blogger thing. For now, just head on over to my "Ireland" set. It was a lot of fun, not least of all because of the guitar involved, and it was nice to see some non-UCD living spaces. However, it was perhaps less-than awesome to have followed that so closely on the heels of birthday celebrations. At least I didn't have class Friday since both my lectures were cancelled (which I knew in advance).

What I did have on Friday was a visit with Aunt Kathleen. She and the two women she's been traveling with for the past week made their way to UCD, but not without significant complications. They couldn't find the place and were subsequently about two hours later than they said they'd be, thus preventing me from hitting up the thrift shops again like I'd meant to. When they got here, I took them to the coffee shop in the Quinn School of Business for lunch. They took a lot of pictures (including of me in front of the Quinn building, despite the fact that I don't attend any classes in it) and were generally stereotypical American tourists. I am not a fan of the two women Aunt Kathleen was traveling with; they don't seem very intelligent or conscious of themselves. Luckily, I wasn't with them for that long.

I was with Aunt Kathleen for much longer yesterday — six hours, in total. The visit was in turns very tedious and very informative. Overall, I cannot confess to being comfortable dealing with my aunt one-on-one for that extended a period when she is in unfamiliar conditions. However, I did learn several interesting things. For instance, I am part Scottish! And I have roots in Donegal (the Morrisseys and the Kellys)! And, oh yeah, Aunt Kathleen has had a very, uh, interesting dating history! I don't want to really go into it on a public blog, but let's just say I've been in this family for twenty years now and I can't believe that I've not been told some of this stuff before. In addition to the conversation, I learned a bit from the Book of Kells exhibit we went to at Trinity, and from the bus tour. I also took her to Grafton Street to find a place for lunch, because hey, it's famous and touristy and that's what we were in town for.

After leaving Aunt Kathleen at the train, I wondered around town for a bit, picked some stuff up at Marks & Spencer (how chic), and then went home, only to end up back in town a few hours later with Ross, Jen, and Jen's roommate, who is conveniently named Jenny, and from Brisbane. We had a pint at Eammon Doran's in Temple Bar, which happens to be the same place I ended up with Molly & Co. for her birthday the first night after we'd moved in! It was a lot cooler tonight (the music didn't suck so hard), and a lot more packed. Also, there was a show in the basement that I would've like to have seen, but I didn't want to lose the rest of the people and have to fend for myself getting home. Other friends of Ross's were there, but left for Club Twenty-One, a place with a €10 cover charge and no chance of ever getting me into it unless someone else is paying (and even then it would be difficult to convince me). All in all, it was an amusing but uneventful evening; we took the Nightlink back fairly early (at least for a Saturday), and now I'm here typing this after spending my morning messing about with Flickr.

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Cormac Mac Art said...

Family history slash genealogy. Sounds like you're hooked! Let the fun and games begin!