Friday, September 7, 2007


It feels like things are starting to calm down a bit, but that may only be because of my feeling more settled here. I know my way around campus quite a bit more; it's not that difficult since I only have to deal with a few of the many buildings, at least so far. Also, last night was a complete bust as no one would call or text me back about anything (though in one person's case it was at least because her phone wouldn't make outgoing calls), so I spent the evening online looking at the UCD Mountaineering Club's website and various climbing gear and talking to Jon (mostly about climbing). Also, I had tea and toast while listening to Bach and felt very civilized.

Today was the larger international student orientation (the one I went to on Wednesday was only the JYA {Junior Year Abroad} orientation for American students). It was stunningly boring until I realized that I'd slipped my Terry Pratchett book that I'd bought in the airport into my bag. Also, I got a free scarf in the UCD colours (and lifted 2 others for souvenirs - who wants one? - from empty chairs) and tea and sandwiches afterwards. Before that, though, I'd sat through a not-quite-as-boring IT induction thing, for which I got a 1 GB memory stick. I also filled out a form to get a letter from the university that I can take to the Garda National Immigration Bureau so I don't get kicked out of the country (I have until October). Oh, and I found out where the laundry facilities are, so hopefully I can have my duvet cover and extra pillowcase washed by the time I go to bed tonight.
Now I have to go find a place to buy toiletries, which I've been putting off for far to long, because I don't want to completely use up my little travel-size things.

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