Friday, September 28, 2007

Closing Out the First Month

Well, the past week has been very relaxed compared to the beginning of my adventures here in Ireland, with the exception of Monday. And it's a good thing, too, as I'm coming down with a cold of some sort (my throat is quite sore and my glans are swollen) and constant activities would probably have put me much worse off than I am now.

So on Monday, I stopped by the Forum Bar to pick up a skirt that I'd lent Zoë when hers got a huge rip down the back. The quick stop ended up becoming about 2 hours and 2 pints of Bulmers, after which a group of us went off to find free food and wine somewhere in the arts block. I didn't actually want to do this, however, and managed to escape the group, but only after being manhandled into an elevator and forced down a hallway for a while. So I got back home and was doing a bit of work when, without warning, the gang descended upon my flat, bearing alcohol and a party spirit. I had been planning on attending a céilí at the Student Bar with Mandy, Brian, Paul, and Dave, all of whom I quite like but rarely see because of my soon-to-be-adjusted inclination towards choosing the crazier group to hang out with. Instead, we decided to play Kings, which got nearly everyone but me very drunk — I was drinking more Bulmers, whereas others were mainly drinking wine (I was also cheating when we were supposed to be chugging). To cut a long story short, things got a bit odd, certain people got a bit too exhibitionist-like, and I kicked them all out around 12:30 so I could go to bed.

The night served as a culmination of a growing realization that I couldn't keep up with these people, and what's more, I don't want to. It's certainly been a nice change of pace from my normal social modus operandi, but it's not a lifestyle I want to make my permanent choice. Not to mention, most of those kids are repeating at least once class this semester because they party too hard, and there's no way I'm allowing that to happen to me. So, for all those out there concerned with my academic concentrations (I'm looking at you, mom and dad), have no fear, I'm doing fine and am, in fact, keeping up with what I have to do for school.

So, as I said, the rest of this week has been fairly subdued. I spent Tuesday and Wednesday night in. Yesterday Mandy and I and some others went out for a little while to a free electronica show at the Student Bar. I didn't stay long because it was like a lot of shows I've already been to except not as good, and the group of people I was with (a different one from usual, this time including Paul) had heard of a party at Merville. I thought it would be fun just to stop in for a bit until they told us where it was: 10.6. Wait a second, I said, that's where I live! Apparently, Cory (from 10.1) had invited a bunch of random people over to my place, because Glennis was having him and a couple of others over for dinner. Then it became a few over for drinks afterwards, and by the time I got there our living room was full of people I didn't know. This including one raging jackass named Tom from New Jersey. He was the stereotypical loud and obnoxious Jersey boy who kept saying things like, "In America, we [insert stupid mindless blather here]." My god, if he ever sets foot in this apartment again I will physically kick his ass out of here. I was apologizing to the Irish people, trying to explain that he's not representative of all of America, just New Jersey. I ended up going to bed at around 12:30 again, but had a difficult time sleeping until Glennis kicked everyone out sometime after 1:00. An RA had already come up to warn us that we were too loud and shouldn't technically have that many people over at that point. It's a €200 fine for violations of that sort, and the thought of that makes relaxing into sleep difficult. Luckily, they kept quieter after that and left not much later.

In other news, there's a really nicely built spiderweb on the outside of my window. The weather's getting brisker and the wind is picking up. I need to go buy a couple more sweaters (excuse me, "jumpers") and I think I'm going to get a UCD hoodie as well.

I'm also going to pick up some climbing shoes, as I've gone to the rock wall with the Mountaineering Club twice this week and think I'd do fairly well with the appropriate footwear, as opposed to just decently. I'm saying that in terms of comparing myself with the other club members I've noticed without proper shoes. There's a few really lousy climbers there, most of whom seem to be really girly types who still have all their foundation and other makeup on from the day. You know, the kind commonly found at BU that I'm here partly to escape. I don't want to be too judgmental, but observing their behavior seems to indicate that some of them are, yes, interested in rock climbing, but others are interested in rock climbers. Just sayin'. (Poseurs.) That aside, the club is awesome and the people are generally helpful. They go to the Forum after every practice, too, which I've yet not been able to do because of other obligations, but I will! And it will be fun!

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Lusann Wren said...

Heya Kate,

It's Lusann, just letting you know that a Facebook procrastination spree lead me to your blog. Hope you're having fun in Ireland. :) If you need to get away for a quiet weekend, I absolutely loved a certain hostel on Inis Mor.