Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Well, I've finally made it to the Emerald Isle, relatively intact and with all my luggage. The flight over was pretty easy. Three seats in coach are, at least in terms of space, superior to one seat in first class. I watched a movie called Starter for Ten, starring James McAvoy, which I quite liked, and then lied down for a few hours, minimally delaying the inevitable jet lag which was to plague me for the rest of my day. I was the first to meet Coleman at the airport; two other girls, Glennis and Molly (whose birthday is today), came after, and we all went on a coach to the hotel where we'd be spending our first night while Coleman waited for Tommy's flight to get in. The hotel (the Montrose) is right across from UCD, and pretty nice. After we'd dropped off our luggage, Coleman dragged us around campus and then around the city in an effort to show us around and keep us awake long enough for us to work some of our jet lag. After we got back to the hotel, we tried to stay up for a few more hours so as to adjust more quickly; I ended up crashing at around 5:30 and sleeping for 12 hours.

We moved in today at around noon; dragging the suitcases up from the hotel and then up to the third floor was quite the workout. Turns out that, of my three suitemates, at least 2 are Americans (the 3rd is currently unknown, though certainly moved in), one of whom is with interstudy. And the other two interstudy folk we've been with are hanging around a lot; we're all going out tonight for Molly's birthday. I am really pissed off; I'm here to get away from America, not to be still surrounded by it. I was told that being here for a full year would more than likely put me in with a bunch of Irish kids, and instead I find myself still surrounded by Americans. Seriously. Crap. This isn't okay. But I've contacted a kid from CTYI who hopefully will at least in part rescue me from this horrible situation. Also, the Fringe Fest.

I think for now I'm going to go nap and then unpack more. Further updates will be forthcoming.

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