Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Okay, so I'm overreacting a bit to the Americans. It's not like they're not nice or anything, they're just not what I came here for. But hey, we just got here, and it's nice not to be totally alone. Things will pick up. I met a couple Temple students who seem quite nice, the other interstudy kid, Luke, who's fun in a group setting but a little too intent on American-style heavy drinking, his roommate, and an Irishman from Donegal whose name I didn't catch but who seems very entertained by the Americans. Also, I've gotten in touch with the kid from CTYI who goes here, Raphael [EDIT: real name = Angus], and will hopefully be meeting with him tomorrow or something. So it's all good, really.

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Organbone said...

I look forward to seeing your developing annoyance with Amerikkkans unfold. Glad you've started blogging, too; keep posting!