Saturday, September 8, 2007

Accidental Walking Tour of Dublin

I am soooo tired from today, but I'm still planning on going out to the opening night of the Dublin Fringe Festival tonight. I almost just stayed in town since I'd been there for nearly 5 hours, most of which I'd spent walking around being lost.

The initial plan was to go into the city and find a pub in which to watch the New Zealand vs. Italy match of the Rugby World Cup. This is because one of Tommy's roommates, John, is from New Zealand, as is his girlfriend also studying here, Kate. (That's right: John and Kate. I actually don't know if he uses the 'h' or not.) I met them last night when I was hanging out at Tommy's with Glennis, Molly, and Corey (who lives downstairs).

After wandering around the Grafton Street area for several minutes with the group, trying to find a pub with a large enough viewing area of the TV, I decided to strike out on my own and get some things accomplished. I headed to the Bank of Scotland branch I'd seen across the way from St. Stephen's Green, since they're partnered with Citizen's Bank. Unfortunately, they were very closed, and I don't even think they had ATMs anyway. So I wandered back to Grafton Street, a lovely all-pedestrian shopping area. I passed a mediocre stand-up comedian before coming to the Marlboro Man playing lap steel really well. I listened to him for a while before calling up my parents so they could here, too. When he was done I gave him some change and left to try and find the Squarewheel Cycleshop, which I utterly failed to do. (I did, however, find Dublin's Chinatown.) I have since done some examining of GoogleMaps and discovered that I missed it by mere blocks. Instead, I chose to have some lunch (carrot soup and a pint of Smithwick's) at Fitzgeralds, which is right on the river. I ended up watching part of the Australia vs. Japan match of the Rugby World Cup in which Australia kicked quite a bit of butt (final score: 91-3 Australia, holy cow).

Then I decided to go find a place to buy bath towels and toiletries, so I decided to try O'Connell Street, which is nice and big and commercial. As I was waiting at the light to cross over I saw a girl in a "I <3 Fringe" t-shirt for the Festival, so I asked here where the box office was. She gave me directions, and I headed over to try and find their volunteer office so I could make my presence known. I couldn't find it, of course, but I found a place to buy towels on the cheap.

As I was leaving there, I did find the Fringe offices. I walked in and asked the first person I saw if they were with the festival. The guy told me he was the director, so I told him I was there to volunteer. After a few exchanges he admitted to not only not being the director, but being French and unable to understand English. What a douchebag. So I found someone who was actually with the Fringe, and she was very nice to me and took my name since the coordinator was busy at the Speigeltent preparing for tonight. Also, a guy named Tom has claimed me for the marketing department.

Then I got toiletries. Finally! I only wish the water pressure in the showers didn't SUCK so much. A heavy rain shower is more effective at dampening things. The accommodations here are better than BU only in as much as it's a suite. This afternoon, while I was out, our outlets stopped working, so we had to find other people's places to put everything that was in the fridge. The lights work, the water heater works, the stove works, so it's not our electricity overall, it's just our outlets. Go figure. And Maggie is listening and singing along to Blondie's "I Touch Myself" in the common room. *Gag*

Good thing I've got other places to be! Ann Marie and I are going to the opening of the Fringe Festival tonight. It promises to be quite the spectacle. I'm very excited. Plus, it'll be the first time I've seen Ann Marie since May, so there's bound to be some fun there (muahahaha).

In conclusion: the magpies, while pretty and far superior to pigeons, are making noises that kind of freak me out.

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